Create An Effective SEO Strategy For Your Company

  • Application Development
  • 27 September 2022

 Are you a digital marketer? Maybe a website owner? Finding it tiring to get your website to crawl to the top?  To start with, the SEO Strategy for your company is not the same as it was about 10 years ago. It is more complex, smarter, and intuitive as Google wants only the best to rank. We can’t blame them, can we? They aren’t here to run your business, but to give value to their customers. With more than 85% of the world’s population depending on Google to find the simplest answers, we need to make sure we also find a safe spot in these searches. To know what works great for you, keep a tab on the latest Google Algorithm Updates and work accordingly. There is no perfect formula for SEO but improvise continually. As Google improves its SEO parameters, you have to be on the run. So, let’s start.


This is where SEO – Search Engine Optimization plays a role. Gone are the days, when you can pool in a lot of keywords senselessly and pile them into the blogs. That is a NO-NO. Respect your audience; learn beyond the normal, and update your SEO team with what we have got in store for you.  In the coming days reframe your SEO strategy with many other elements apart from keywords.


You need to understand:

  • What keywords need to be used?
  • How to present them?
  • Where to present them?
  • How to structure SEO to enable lead conversions?


Now, that seems like a lot on this plate, but seriously, this is a recipe you need to follow to get your company website and its related website pages ranked on a noticeable level. If you are ready to bookmark this page, we can head off to the effective SEO strategies that companies need.


What are SEO Strategies? 

This is an intuitive approach whereby content marketers will follow to ensure that organic traffic is generated for the website. If there are digital marketers thinking that Google Ads work magic, there is a limit to it. Organic traffic extends your website noticeability for a prolonged time period.



  • What’s your keyword?


Of course, the seo strategy has to start with the iconic keyword. Like it or not, keywords are everything. Unless you choose the right keywords, you won’t be able to rank. For those who are working their way to be ranked on Google, you have to list out the keywords that would apply to your content niche or business. 


  • Keyword Research is the backbone of SEO

Did you know that there are special keyword researches done just pure SEO, for websites for YouTube and like that for each platform? Yes, that is the diversity you can find in SEO today.  First, find your target audience, and then find what they search for on Google. That is research. Gone are the days, when we present all that we want people to read, share, and like. Serve them what they need, so do your homework.


  • List Them

One of the fundamental points for any successful SEO Strategy for Your Company is that you need to build a storehouse of all possible keywords. Don’t mistake this for time waste. If your topics contain their search queries, you are in luck. Basically, your SEO should be an answer to what your audience needs.  For example, there are many blogs listing ‘The top 9 or 100 SEO strategies to follow.  They all don’t get ranked even after the hard work. This needs to be reframed with another title like The Best SEO strategies that will help your website to rank on Google 

If you ask the difference here, we have the solutions and the query in one title. So that means they want to be ranked and that is why they will feel the urge to click on your SEO strategies. Simple strategy, and works a lot!


  • Use those Keyword Tools

Oh yes, most of the time, people stagger with the thought of how to find the keywords. This is relatively simple as we have so many keyword tools to help you out now.  Go for tools like Google Suggest, Moz Keyword Tool, and the super handy Uber Suggest tools. Just scribble in any keyword that comes in your mind into the query box, and the tool will prompt the entire list of applicable keywords for you. Here, you need to take a mix of single words, phrases, long tail keywords, and even short tail keywords. Be ready to experiment with keywords and go beyond what everyone gives Google.


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Backlinks: Your Driving Force in SEO Google Ranking

For a digital marketer to ensure that you have blogs that are being ranked, it surely needs a touch of thoughtful SEO. Well, that is one part of the story. Backlinks called otherwise incoming links, inbound links,  or one way links are the connecting path from one website to another website. Such backlinks are a parameter of quality and value in the Google ranking context.  

Point to Note:  If your website pages are able to able many backlinks from various websites (with high search ranking), that is an indirect indicator for SEO, as Google will push those pages forward.


  • Get the Shares rolling in

Unless you give quality content that has an impressive EAT value, people will not share it. So, why complain? If you won’t buy what you serve on your web page, serve what people want to read. That will encourage people to read, stay on your page, share on their social media platforms and even place this as a backlink in so many palaces you never even know. So, they spread your brand name without your efforts. Is that a smart strategy or not? Think about it.


  1. Sharpen your Search Intent

Search Intent falls as a part of your keyword research. Make sure that your target keyword matches the Search Intent. It simply means that you need to understand the intention of the search if your target audience and make that your main keyword.  Expert digital marketing companies will do for you to leverage your search value on Google.


  • Tune content to the customer’s expectation

Let’s go with an example for this case. Suppose, you have a web design service that you want to promote you can write about the most effective design tools that are used in the IT world today. But that will not give results. Why? Because that won’t match the search intent of your audience and for that, you need a different topic. They may not know why their website is not ranking. For this, you need to give a blog showcasing all the problems that a bad design will cause a website. Let this be a number based checklist where they can check each aspect. That will help them to understand where the mistake is and will yield more conversions for you.


  • Let Keywords be part of the Search Intent

For a result oriented SEO Strategy for Your Company, have more focus on your keywords. Match them with the search intent. Taking the above example you can make your main keyword as Use Website Design as your SEO. Let it be a guide on helping them identify how website design can be a factor for optimized SEO for their website.


Every website can find its SEO strategy if they know the minds of their customer. If the customer is king, so is your SEO content. So, use it with care.