The Importance of Having A Mobile-Friendly Website

  • Application Development
  • 26 August 2022

The majority of mobile users exclusively browse the Internet and if your site isn’t mobile friendly it would be a frustrating experience for the customers. 

On average, people are spending on mobile phones discovering a new company or product, so having a mobile-friendly website from an eCommerce website development company in Boston would be imperative. 

The world’s population is now on mobile screens and viewing your website on mobile phones would provide a better user experience. Google’s algorithm is currently going mobile-focused and mobile-friendly websites rank higher and help you bring more potential customers and make more profit.


Mobile-Friendly Website

The importance of having a mobile-friendly website shows appropriately on mobile and hand-held devices. Mobile-friendly website designs, also known as responsive web design, enrich the webpage viewing experience.

A mobile-friendly website owns a few important characteristics to be easy to load, view, and navigate. Let’s first check out the features that a mobile-friendly website must have:

Respond Quickly

Websites should load in not more than 3 seconds, if got delayed people will tend to leave the site, so make your website load quickly to save customers. 


Visual Treat

The view of the website on a mobile screen should be captivating the user’s attention. The website you render to the customers should be easy to view, demanding less effort from viewers.


Mobile Controllable

Desktop and mobile controls differ, so making your website mobile-friendly prefer to have the features easily accessible on a mobile screen and easy for a user to tap on them.


Background and Animations

The background animations and images included in the website should support the mobile view which is easy to load and look good on the small screen. The designer should keep the necessary characteristics in mind while designing and should make frequent updations or alterations as per the user review.

Why is it Important?

Most of your consumer’s digital traffic originates from mobile devices and mobile apps.Here are other reasons why your company need a mobile-friendly website.

Go in hand with Search Engines

The importance of mobile-friendly websites is going on with all major search engines and an excellent mobile experience let users easy access, as mobile phones are the only device people would mind now and it has become a lazy practice to open the system for a need, especially the shopping need.  

Customers using device

The only reason to go for a responsive website is that your customers are using the same and so the needed traffic is done on mobile devices. Above average number of users are checking out from their mobile phones and being a responsible seller it’s your duty to render them a decent experience. 


Customers are Expecting

Your customers are using their mobile devices to surf and a lot of your customers probably search for your products and services. If they happen to find an unappealing website they will have a tendency to go to your competitor’s site or any other which they find worth their time. 


Trust Building

A business with a poorly designed mobile website won’t be recommended 

Here’s the research result of online users, website design company Boston says that they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website. It is found to be a big deal to have a mobile-friendly website but better to own one than to face the risk of losing customers and referrals. 


Wider Reach

People in the current era prefer mobile over desktop and a mobile-friendly website helps you to reach a broader audience by generating leads.


The Ranking Factor

Google would handle mobile-friendly search results and they value mobile-friendly websites and it will significantly impact rankings. Google’s ranking algorithm opts for mobile friendliness or optimization and the mobile speed score of your website and considers your mobile page’s performance and also the increasingly significant design aspects.

Google’s mobile-first index rank mobile-friendly websites higher on search result pages. 


Huge Potential

The popularity of mobile phones is high in the current era and mobile phones will pave the way for most customers to visit the website and shop online. Mobile phones be a medium to capture attention, so a mobile-friendly website becomes an important need in this growing eCommerce market. 


Be Competitive

Do consider a responsive website for mobile devices with an immense necessity as your top competitors compete with, may go ahead with such solutions. Your website should go in hand or should stay a step ahead among the customers, then always make sure that the site is mobile-friendly. Obviously, your customer will choose a business with a responsive website. 


Low Bounce Rate

Mobile-friendliness helps the consumers to navigate more comfortably and helps them to stay longer on your site and reduce the bounce rate.



A responsive web design will have a single URL and the practice of several URLs for various device sizes requires hosting each differently from several websites which would go more expensive and difficult to control. 


Great Customer Experience

Mobile-friendly websites quickly navigate without causing any annoying website bugs and provide a fantastic customer experience making people your loyal customers. 

Visitors get attracted to the visually appealing website, not much more and not much less, but apt, challenging to use. Mobile optimised websites are simple to use and straightforward to browse to render the customers enjoy a better experience that will load swiftly and without errors. 


Amplify your visibility

A mobile-friendly website helps you reach a wider audience and make online sharing simple, attracting your web visitors. Mobile-friendliness is a ranking symbol on Google and it is a feature that makes the website appear higher in search results. Take your opportunity to rank better, and bring more organic search results, the more leads and conversions.


Customer Retention

No user would want to go back to a site where he had a poor navigation experience in the past. So mobile-friendliness allows customers to keep coming to your website generating more leads and a better user experience and helping you develop a good image. 


Make you Stand Out

Now in the digital world, web design in Boston makes mobile-friendly websites that are common and the same that work well on all devices will make your company stand out. The visually appreciable well featured responsive website will make more and more visitors to your website and make your stay impressed in the market as well.