What Information Is Your Website Truly Conveying to Its Readers

  • Application Development
  • 22 January 2024

You need to ask yourself if your website conveys the message, you want it to and give it some serious thought. Are you attempting to suggest that clothes may be purchased from your website? Does your hero image convey that message? Consider this; Is your header effectively communicating that your product can create more time in people’s lives? Does it offer your contact information, inviting potential customers to reach out and call you?

Struggling to locate contact details on your page? Let’s delve into the specifics of what to search for, But first, enjoy a complimentary and amusing image illustrating the pitfalls of a less-than-ideal website design.


The Hero Image

Let’s discuss your website’s home page. This is probably the most significant page on your website! The webpage that appears on Google when someone searches for a specific term, like “locksmith in Dayton,” is probably going to be your homepage. Examine the image displayed above and share your interpretation of the intended message. While the example may be exaggerated, the underlying concept remains consistent.

Even if your business sells handcrafted shoes, people will assume that it is about athletic shoes rather than handmade shoes if they see a large image of Nike sneakers on your main page. A better approach would be to show a picture of some hands working on a pair of leather shoes. This would communicate the point you’re attempting to make.


The Logo

What message does your logo convey? Does it transport your brand through time, or perhaps it features an adorable puppy? While the notion might seem a tad exaggerated, the essence of your brand is embedded in your logo. In an era where some modern websites opt for minimalism with Open Sans Fonts, it’s essential to ensure that your logo truly reflects its intended significance.

Here’s an example; I have discovered a company called “Pieology.” Now at first look, you may assume that pieology refers to some kind of pie, maybe blueberry pie. Now, the word “ology” clearly indicates a scientific field. Combining the two yields the science of pie. Alright, I’m starting to think that this will be a decent pie shop! Nevertheless, the focus here was on the pizza-making business. So, what would have been a more effective choice for their logo to communicate the essence of their business?

 Well, certainly incorporating a small image of a pizza adorned with cheese and pepperoni, alongside the name “Pieology,” would have made much more sense at a glance. The premier web design company in Boston, we specialize in creating visually stunning and highly functional websites for businesses of all sizes.


Contact Information

How easy is it to locate your contact details? Can visitors readily find your contact information on the homepage, within the header, or incorporated into your hero image? Is it prominently displayed on your dedicated contact page, and if so, exactly? Is the information straightforward to locate on the contact page, positioned in an easily noticeable area?

How simple is it to find your contact information? Can visitors easily spot your contact details on the homepage, within the header, or integrated into your hero image? Is it prominently presented on your dedicated contact page, and if yes, in what specific location? Is the information easy to find on the contact page, positioned in a noticeable area?

The web development company in Boston offers the best website development services. Give your website a moment to revisit its primary objective, and determine whether it is still communicating what you wanted to say. Wishing you luck!