Tips For Creating A Successful Custom Ecommerce Website

  • Application Development
  • 26 September 2022

For every online shop, the prime consideration is the storefront of your business as it can seduce the customers. When you can shop online have you ever thought of the complicated process behind the scene? Marketing of brands grows sales and a true understanding of the process can help you save a lot in launching an online store from scratch.

The internet impacts even socializing, entertainment, working, and research and the current generations and the generations yet to come in the future follow the internet strategy, spend more money and eCommerce will continue to grow.


Good custom eCommerce websites tend to convert visitors into customers and the design elements of your website should go so as to make the shopping experience quick, easy, and stress-free for the people who visit the site and make a purchase. Together with good design elements, a good online advertisement is a crucial factor in bringing in valuable customers and the proper optimisation of your site doesn’t let your valuable dollars go off and make the visitors click on a call to action.


In your decision to develop an eCommerce website, diving into the depth of the fast-growing industry would benefit you in the sector of online retail where the potential competitors are in constant effort to maintain the client base, without letting you lose anyone at any cost. To keep the client base strong on your website, beautiful visual content matters as the human brain is solely devoted to vision. By keeping this point in mind and as part of considering its impact online businesses should pay more attention to eCommerce website homepage design.


Below are tips for creating a successful eCommerce website, on being in the most professional route to get your site up and running in the near future.


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Keep the user in mind


Every single detail of your eCommerce website could potentially contribute to a user’s decision to make a purchase. As mentioned before, an attractive home page design would give the best first impression. Apart from the homepage design, each and every aspect of the website and every single decision should be done by keeping the user in mind. As

User experience is paramount, make sure you get a second opinion to look over your website and evaluate the user-friendliness, navigational ease, visual appeal, and overall satisfaction which can turn the visitors into customers and turn the customers into repeat customers.


Utilize simple website design


A simple website design is consistently rated as more visually appealing when compared to visually complex websites. Also, the simplification of the website design can assist you in the optimisation procedure for conversions. Opt for a minimalistic design concept with a lot and a lot of white spaces and an incredibly simple design to help visitors directly get to the main conversion points more quickly. Avoid using any unnecessary elements like distracting links, images, or videos and ensure the call to action is clearly defined in the simplistic design to take you forward with a professional, minimalistic feel. Before the design is fixed, refer to the growing eCommerce platforms like WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce which can help to choose a website design platform to start.


Use a view cart button


The shopping cart button is the most important icon in a custom eCommerce website and it is a common practice to have a little shopping cart icon somewhere on every page that enables users to easily view items frequently and end up in a positive purchasing decision. As the shopping cart is the major concern the users are always on, it is considered one of the most important eCommerce web design elements. Placing this button always in a visible position has been proven to increase conversion rates. The shopping cart has an icon which is familiar to almost all, make sure the familiar recognisable icon is placed for the cart and it gets updated in real-time as and when the user is using the site. There should not be any confusion in the user’s mind while navigating through your eCommerce site and it is recommended to make it stand out as easily noticeable by using a bright color. To get noticed easily, make the size shopping cart icon a bit more so that you can create a better eCommerce experience for your customers.


Be honest about pricing


Similar to your honest eCommerce website design, be honest with the pricing of your products and any hidden information make it difficult for visitors to find it on your site and it may even affect the trustworthiness of your website among your customers. The audience never wants to get cheated and any such practice can make your website visitors feel that they are being deceived or tricked. Make sure you display the prices along with the products somewhere in an easy to find position and burying pricing information on hard-to-find pages of your website can actually be detrimental. The same goes for the shipping charges too. Upfront shipping costs and shipping policies by displaying shipping information not too late in the purchase process which in contradiction leads to increased cart abandonment rates. Clearly display the total cost, if possible in the carts mentioned with the products.


 Don’t distract users


The eCommerce website when developed right, should be optimized for generating sales. Apart from the products and their prices, it would be recommended to include a detailed brand story, a blog, or just sign up for an email newsletter. All these take your website another level up but it should not be placed in a way to distract people from making a purchase.

For example, to consider the frequently popping up sign up for or the registration form may have the opposite negative impact by distracting someone from making a purchase and may also make them leave the site. Not all will be quite comfortable in sharing their personal details paving the way to abandon their cart.




A good eCommerce site has more online sales. They do create an experience that strengthens their brand and converts casual shoppers into loyal ambassadors. The above-mentioned tips would do a great benefit to creating a successful online store and take you a level up to success.

Do consider the homepage extremely important, upon which your online shop visitors make a decision to buy your goods or not. So, pay additional care in the design and development of your custom eCommerce website and make sure you use the best practices in trend.