From Likes to Shares: Mastering Viral Content on Facebook

  • Application Development
  • 29 December 2023

Mastering the skill of crafting viral content on Facebook is essential for establishing effective connections with your intended audience and broadening your online presence.

How does Facebook measure user engagement?

Facebook monitors user engagement through actions like shares, views, likes, clicks, reactions, and post visibility to determine what content is most interesting to users. If you have a lot of user engagement it means you have a good audience and regularly post content they’re interested in.


The Types of Content That Go Viral on Facebook

Now that we know why people share content online, let’s explore the types of content that are most effective in getting users to share and make your Facebook post go viral.


1.Shareable Content Can Offer

People love to share special offers, discounts, sales, or contests with their friends, especially when there are benefits involved. This sharing is specifically visible in the case of giveaways with progressive rewards.


2.Shareable Content Can Suggest

Offering valuable content with sound advice puts you in a favorable position. Consider addressing challenges, accomplishing goals, or surmounting obstacles. Nevertheless, the content must be relevant to your business to positively influence your revenue.


3.Shareable Content Can Alert

When faced with an imminent threat of any kind, individuals are inclined to disseminate the information to alert their acquaintances.


4.Shareable Content Can Amuse

Achieving success can be reliably attained through entertainment, particularly when it resonates with a diverse audience. Amusing stories, images, and quotations proves effective in captivating your audience. It’s essential to be mindful that the humor employed doesn’t inadvertently offend a specific group, as maintaining a positive rapport with your followers is crucial.


5.Shareable Content Can Motivate

Motivational quotes and narratives propel individuals towards specific life objectives, and thoughtfully selected inspirational content can significantly contribute to garnering widespread shares.


6.Shareable Content Can Amaze

Producing impressive visuals is fantastic, and compiling factual information is equally commendable, provided it remains pertinent.


7.Shareable Content Can Unite

Individuals have an inherent tendency to create associations grounded in personal, religious, or other sets of values and beliefs. This inclination enables them to experience a sense of belonging within a group, providing a platform to strengthen their perspectives.


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Use Eye-Catching Visuals

Pictures and videos frequently surpass text-only posts in capturing attention and fostering interaction on social media. Enhance your post effectiveness by incorporating high-quality images or graphics that align with the message you aim to communicate.


Craft Compelling Headlines

An attention-grabbing headline can make a significant difference in capturing users’ attention while they browse through their newsfeeds. Ensure that it is both clear and concise, intriguing enough to spark the interest of individuals unfamiliar with your coaching services.


Leverage trending topics

Monitor current trends in life and personal development to enhance the visibility and sharing of your content. Engaging in these discussions promptly allows you to connect with users already captivated by the subject, boosting interest and interaction.


Promote engagement

Interacting with your followers is essential for boosting likes, comments, and shares on your social media posts. Promptly respond to their input, ask questions, seek feedback, and encourage active participation from your audience. 


Maintain consistency

Maintain a consistent posting routine to inform your audience about the expected timing of new content. Regularly sharing valuable content fosters trust among your followers, promoting repeat visits and enhancing the probability of content being shared.


Boost your reach through Ads

Apart from generating shareable content, consider exploring paid advertising avenues such as Facebook Ads. This enables you to pinpoint particular demographics and interests, enhancing the chances of connecting with individuals interested in your coaching services. Additionally, if you have a particularly successful post with significant organic engagement, you can broaden its reach without developing new content!