Ecommerce Trends To Follow In 2022

  • Application Development
  • 29 June 2022

The worldwide revenue of eCommerce amounted to the year 2021 and the numbers speak for themselves about the growth of global eCommerce. eCommerce is a business option for those who want to stay afloat on top of the market. Read on to learn the eCommerce trends of 2022. 


2021 has made us realize how powerful digital tools are and what consumers are expecting with which eCommerce has become an essential part of everyday life. The significant changes the eCommerce website development company in Boston landscape brought about in 2021 will continue in 2022 also adding significant trends, and updates that hugely benefit the users. 


The year 2022 promises to be rich with exciting discoveries and innovations in eCommerce. The rising competition in the field demands becoming a more diverse digital presence and providing more exceptional experiences for their audience.

Read on to know the top 5 most remarkable eCommerce trends that help your online store succeed in the year 2022.


Contextual and Programmatic advertising

Context and programmatic ads labeled as programmatic advertising are shown to the chosen audience and then retargeted after a period of time to generate higher ROI. It is luring the right audience to the right ad at the right moment to stand a better chance of reaching out to a larger audience. The main attraction of this latest eCommerce trend is AI-powered context advertisements. Here, the advertisers select the audience to target them with relevant ads and become more intelligent, bringing in a better profit margin in the long run. 


Buy Now Pay Later

Buy now pay later options have boomed recently and have been largely driven by younger shoppers


Product customization remains crucial

A lot of eCommerce stores sell customized options and leverage interactive content. Work to gain in-depth insight into customer needs and to build products catering to different customer segments making changes online.


Mobile Commerce

Mobile shopping is slowly but steadily overtaking eCommerce being the most promising mobile commerce trend. Mobile commerce is the current driving source of eCommerce and makes up the majority of the sales. The current eCommerce is mobile-driven which clearly shows that consumers and marketers have already highly appreciated the advantages of electronic and mobile commerce.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation means automating email marketing, which has now become a new trend. Marketing automation covers customized landing pages and easy-to-access shopping carts that will let you send out tailored emails to your customers, display new products, and retarget customers for product sales. Such a methodology also allows you to customize the store offerings and get influenced by what the customers click on during their visit.


Conversion rate optimization

This is one of the trending trends currently running upon the eCommerce development companies in Boston, where you thrive to gain customers by actual traffic conversion. Here comes the conversion rate optimization in which the UX technology becomes more accessible and up to the mark of the consumer’s expectation. So it becomes important to convert that traffic by adding calls to action, A/B testing elements, and improving page speed. 


The future is AI and ML

AI and Machine Learning related eCommerce services put forward by an eCommerce development company in Boston offer the best-personalized experience for the customers. Through AI, human behavior is transformed into the tech where it offers smart and automated customer search, purchase history, demography, etc. The key to massive challenges like customer segmentation and identification of patterns are achieved with intelligent algorithms in terms of automation and store personalization. The so implemented personalization strategies are greatly influenced by a large volume of data. The partnership with third-party providers taps into AI-powered tools to create personalized recommendations for each user.


Social Commerce

Social commerce today has infinite scope with which eCommerce businesses have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Businesses today thrive on creating mutually beneficial projects for shoppers working hard to discover new brands and products. The new milestones for the whole social commerce sphere will come as no surprise to see more and more brands evolve. Social commerce is a perfect fit for those busy customers, just see the product they need, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. There are many such platforms serving the interests of the audience offering merchants and customers many more shopping opportunities and new experiences.


Serverless Architecture

The eCommerce sites will continue to look for ways with serverless architecture and cope with the cloud provider and dynamically allocate resources. The provision to manage any resources scales elastically which tends to be a flexible option for eCommerce websites. Such an approach renders the benefits such as no downtime, significantly decreased costs, and easy debugging. 


Voice Search

Talking voice assistants have gained traction at increasing rates where the voice assistants are used as a model for checking the news, playing songs, and purchasing online products. The future lies in where people will use voice technology as reliable to operate globally. It is hard to add different languages, accents, and customer behavior.


Visual Commerce

Businesses compete for consumers’ attention and the effort for the same seems to be endless. The consumer’s mode of operation is simple, to quickly add the product to the cart and complete the purchase where the visual communication has a major role implemented through high-quality pics, videos, and even AR used as a strategy of employing images, videos, and other graphic stuff. Such a methodology of presenting a product helps customers learn more about the product quickly and make purchase decisions faster. The quality of the product image increases the loading speed of your pages and you can even add a visual search feature 

displayed with the proper descriptions and tags increase user engagement, build credibility, and boost conversion rates.


Enhanced Shipping Services

Shipping and logistics is a kind of small improvement to occur in a business, unlike the previous years. Among them, the idea of same-day delivery is taking the market at its pace which is achieved through map integration that is able to discover the shortest route to the destination. This trend will grow as eCommerce web design Boston, improves and soon the delivery drones will become a viable business component.