Percussive Arts Society

PAS is a non-profit, educational service organization for percussionists. They produce 2 publications, and have a physical library at their headquarters. The PAS site has a specific target audience - educators, and people outside the Continental U.S., meaning that care has to be taken to insure compatibility with many types of computers, Internet access speeds, etc.

This site allows for online registration and renewal, Member login, threaded messaging, publications research, distribution of news and events, an online tour of some of the objects in the library, online music using MIDI, Podcasting, Video clips and more. Adobe Cold Fusion, secure transactions, and several software packages all work together to bring this Community site to life.

In addition, WCP handles web server maintenance, Technical support for users, log reporting, and other consulting services.

The majority of the work for this project is behind the scenes. If you have questions, please contact us .

Visit PAS online:

WEB:// PROject Management : Development : Maintenance : Consulting