HISD Planning

Humble ISD Planning

Humble ISD needed an easier way to use the Campus Improvement Plans that are created each school year at each campus in the District. Traditionally, the CIP information is prepared by teams, accumulated in Microsoft Word™, printed, and stored in a notebook in a central location. This made it very difficult to review the information, to make last minute changes or to update from year to year.

The HISD Planning web site was launched in June of 2003 to allow teachers at each campus to use a web-based interface and central datasource to store the CIP information, which allows this information to be updated easily, maintained on a regular basis, shared across the Internet, and made available online to the public so that parents, teachers and administrators can visit the site, search for information, and get an idea of what is being done at each campus level.

The entire Content management system was created using Adobe Cold Fusion. Phase II will incorporated statistical data for each campus to allow a more thorough overview of needs and progress.

The majority of the work for this project is behind the scenes. If you have questions, please contact us.

Visit HISD Campus Improvement Plans: http://www.hisdplanning.org/