BindView Corporation

BindView Corporation A high profile security site that promoted the sales and support of Active Directory security and management applications that are enterenched in over 80% of the fortune 500 businesses.

Management of this corporate site included supporting both internal and external customers around the globe 24/7/365. Until BindView's acquisition by Symantec and the subeequent dissolution of the company's corporate presence, the site maintained an impressive hack-free uptime of over 99.9%.

Ancilliary sites included:

Localized International Sites
Alternate sites were maintained in Germany, France, the UK and South America, providing localized language translations and sales options.
Provided customer support for products and services offered by the company. Integrated single sign-on login and self-service user management utilizing legacy backend Content Relations Management (CRM) database with over 4M active customer records. Provided specialized content tailored to the customer's product ownership.
Provided files, patches and updates to users; also integrated with the corporate CRM database using Serve-U FTP server and API.

Corporate intranet site; Security provided by incorporating LDAP integration to Active Directory accounts in the corporate domain. Provided administrative services for marketing, tech support, and professional services to dynamically update content on the public website using in-house created ColdFusion content management systems.

Provided isolated development environment, as well as a staging and approval location for ongoing site updates and maintenance.